Traci Harmon-Hay


Traci Harmon-Hay grew up in the Maryland countryside. She is the third generation of a family off female painters, following her mother and her grandmother before her. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Art from the Maryland Institute of Art, she pursued further studies with Michael David Brown of the Schuler School of Fine Arts. Her work is greatly influenced by James McMullen, a New York painter and illustrator. Traci spent four years with Studio Six, a Baltimore artist’s cooperative and was selected for representation by Creative Freelancers, New York. Her clients included The Washington Times, Baltimore Sun, Nation’s Business Magazine, Yankee Publishing, Nursing’91, Campbell’s Soup and Burger King. While vacationing on Cape Cod she developed an immediate affection for the town of Wellfleet and decided to relocate among its thriving community of artists and artisans. She has worked for many local businesses and has designed several posters for the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, and is a member of the Provincetown Art Association. Her watercolors are in collections across the country. Traci Harmon-Hay is represented by the Harmon Gallery in Wellfeleet, MA which she established in 2000 and recently sold it to Vincent Amicosante.
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